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With the proper care, good cultural practices, and a favourable rootstock, a citrus tree can produce fruit in excess of 30 years. The first step towards successfully growing citrus trees is to take the time to determine which varieties perform best in your area and then to purchase them from a reputable nursery.

As a registered and accredited citrus nursery, Du Roi Nursery have access to most commercially produced citrus cultivars (patented and open varieties). We receive all propagation material, which is guaranteed to be disease-free, from the Citrus Research International’s (CRI), Citrus Foundation Block – situated in Uitenhage, in the Eastern Cape.

Citrus is divided into different cultivar groups and each cultivar has unique climatic requirements regarding temperature, heat units, day length, light and humidity.

The following cultivars are propagated by Du Roi Nursery. Click on a fruit variety to get a guideline on when fruit will be ready for harvesting.









Du Roi Nursery has a contract agreement with the following Cultivar Development & Management companies to supply the most popular licensed cultivars:


To be able to make an informed decision on which rootstock to use, the following due diligence needs to be done:

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