Lemons generally flower during the whole year, but in Southern Africa the predominant crop (70% - 80%) flowers in spring and is harvested from February to April. The remaining fruit is harvested in June / July (15% - 20%), which orginates from flowers and fruit setting in early summer and finally fruit harvested in December (5% - 10%) from flowers and fruit setting in autumn. Lemons have been and are planted in most citrus growing regions of Southern Africa and have been dominated by the Eureka lemon with small amounts of Lisbon, Genoa and Limoniera planted in recent years. The recent development of the Eureka Seedless Lemon has led to commercial plantings of this cultivar.

Plantings in Southern Africa are relatively small with the emphasis on two cultivars as follows:

Bearss / Tahiti / Persian Lime (Citrus latifolia)
A larger seedless lime used mainly for fresh consumption.

West Indian / Mexican / Key Lime (Citrus aurantifolia)
A smaller seedy lime used mainly for juice and rind oil production and to a lesser extent, fresh consumption.