Du Roi Nursery established in 1989, situated in the Limpopo Province of South Africa is fully accredited with the SA Citrus Improvement Program, produces quality, certified citrus, pomegranate and guava trees.

All commercially recommended citrus varieties and rootstocks are propagated from certified plant material, sourced from the Citrus Foundation Block in the Eastern Cape Province.

Cuttings of the locally developed TSG-2 guava trees are also produced by the nursery.

Du Roi Nursery is fully accredited with the SA Citrus Improvement Programme, which in turn is regulated by the Citrus Growers Association of Southern Africa. Du Roi Nursery is presently the largest citrus nursery in Southern Africa and supplies plants to most areas in the region. A service covering all aspects of pre- and post planting advice is offered to clients, covering issues such as cultivar and rootstock choice, planting densities, soil preparation, irrigation, fertilization and young tree care.

In order to continue upholding the high standards of plant quality, a number of citrus experts and institutions are regularly consulted or used for advice on aspects such as cultivars, rootstocks, fertilization, pests and diseases.

The Nursery has also developed techniques and protocols for commercial production of clonal citrus rootstock cuttings – providing customers with greater uniformity in tree performance. Furthermore, the Nursery has erected specific greenhouse structures for the production of certified greening- and black spot free citrus trees.

Human resource training and upliftment is an integral part of the Du Roi company culture, leading to a positive and productive working environment.